Bliss Animal Eye Care seeks to provide convenient specialized ophthalmology care for your loved ones.  We work closely with your primary care veterinarian, this includes gathering information prior to your visit, phone calls to your veterinarian during and/or after the visit, as well as sending a complete summary to your veterinarian following the visit.

Any trip to the doctor can cause nervousness so we are careful to walk you through the entire examination and plan for the visit.  Ophthalmic exams are noninvasive and can be performed in a short period of time reducing stress on your pet. Dr. Bliss’ bedside manner is impeccable and you will leave with a good understanding of the eye disease your pet may have and the steps for treatment.  

Bliss Animal Eye Care provides farm calls to your facility.  A dark stall is recommended for examination.  Most ophthalmic examinations can be done on fully awake animals avoiding the cost and risks associated with sedation.  Dr. Bliss works with several local equine facilities for surgical procedures as well.   

Dr. Bliss and her staff were very compassionate when it came to making the decisions for my dogs health. I’m glad that I chose them.
I very much appreciated the care and gentleness that both Dr. Bliss and the technician demonstrated with Loki. She was pretty stressed and anxious and they were very skilled at getting to her eye and making her feel safe.