Our pet family member’s eye problems don't follow a 9-5 schedule or take the weekend off.  

Some signs that your pet may be experiencing an ocular emergency are: Cloudiness and redness of the eye.  Signs of pain such as squinting, keeping one or both eyes shut, or pawing at the face.  A large amount of watery discharge from the eye itself, coupled with the above signs of pain. If there is a sudden loss of vision this also may indicate an emergency situation that requires immediate attention.  

Bliss Animal Eye Care works closely with your veterinarian to ensure providing around the clock emergency ocular care as Dr. Bliss is able.

Locate Nearest Ophthalmologist to you

Dr. Bliss sees cases at the following locations:
Rogue Valley Equine Hospital
Crater Animal Clinic

For Cats and Dogs 24 hour care is available at Southern Oregon Veterinary Specialty Center.

For Equine emergencies please call your local equine veterinarian first to arrange immediate care

If specialty ophthalmology emergency care is needed or you are already a client of Dr. Bliss, please call Bliss Animal Eye Care for consultation & examination arrangements at 541-727-7127