Red Tail Hawk Release Back Into the Wild Today at Wildlife Images

Wildlife Images rehabilitation and education center received a Red-Tailed Hawk with a severe eye injury and new exactly who to call!

Kendra Romero, Animal Care team leader from Wildlife Images contacted Cassandra Bliss, veterinary ophthalmologist, of Bliss Animal Eye Care in Southern Oregon to exam the bird. After the examination of the Red-tailed Hawk Dr. Bliss concluded the hawk needed emergency eye surgery. The surgery included the stitching of the laceration in the eye to prevent further damage.

After a successful surgery and recovery, the patient was moved to an outdoor enclosure where it could live, and hunt therefore proving it had the strength to be released back into the wild.

May 7th, 2015 the hawk was given a clean bill of health and was released Friday May 8th near Wildlife Images in Merlin, where it was found.