Equine Eye Protection

Meet Bling!  He is a Palomino Quarter Horse that has undergone two corneal surgeries to repair his cornea (clear outer part of his eye).  He is pictured here with his special eye protection - Eye Saver.  There are many options for eye protection after surgery, and often a fly mask is good. But for Bling he needed the extra protection to prevent rubbing after surgery.  Important components of eye protection include: 

  1. Adequate air flow - you do not want condensation or sweating inside of the cup and if it heats up this can be a good environment for bacteria, which is not good for healing and preventing infection. 
  2. Ability to clean thoroughly - cleanliness is key to any wound post surgery! This includes being able to remove and wash any cloth components, ability to sanitize any hard pieces, and ease of disassembly.
  3. Stable material.  Some eye protection still allows for the "cup" to become deformed, which may lend to additional injury to the eye or area around the eye. 

If you have any questions about the best eye protection for your horse, don't hesitate to discuss with your veterinarian or Dr. Bliss & her staff.