Kittens Get Special Eye Surgery


Dr. Bliss has been in the news a bit lately over a delightful story around two sweet sibling kittens that needed surgery. 

A pair of abandoned kittens are recovering at the Jacksonville Animal Hospital after the staff performed a few special procedures for free.
The Committed Alliance to Strays or C.A.T.S. works with the Jacksonville Animal Hospital to spay and neuter cats they rescue. The animal hospital has performed hundreds of operations for the organization for free. When brother and sister kittens were found abandoned in Decemeber, C.A.T.S. noticed the kittens had abnormalities in their eyes. The kittens suffer from a rare condition where they were born without 80 percent of their eyelids.
Southern Oregon’s only Certified Veterinary Ophthalmologist, Cassandra Bliss, performed two free surgeries on the kittens on Friday. The team started with the girl.

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